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Safety Policy

Welcome to Guided Tours Romania Safety Policy page!

Safety policy for any outdoor busuness should be the main guidline, making sure that everyone's safe at the end of the day after any adventure activity. We take this very seriously, knowing that the safety related issues affects both outdoors operators and clients alike. That's why we set up the following rules:

- Certifications

(all guides working with Guided Tours Romania are certified as professional mountain guides by the Romanian state, after succesfully completed the courses of Romanian Mountain Guides Association - AGMR/RMGA. As a plus, every river rafting guide is licensed by the International Rafting Federation - IRF.

You should consider joining adventure and outdoor trips with operators that will provide certified guides for the desired activity. Keep in mind that in outdoor field are many "sharks", so please make sure your guides are legit.

Ask for certifications and licenses before booking any trip, and, if possible, check if the guides are listed on licence issuer's website)

- Optimal ratio guide to clients

(one guide to maximum 2 clients for rock climbing, ice climbing and technical mountaineering climbs on multi-pitch routes)

(one guide to maximum 6 clients for trekking tours, ski mountaineering and slitboarding trips)

(one guide to maximum 10 clients for hiking or basic workshops)

- Check client's experience before difficult and technical climbing, ice climbing, MTB, ski touring and ski mountaineering trips

(we want to make sure that client's abilities and experience meet the difficulty of desired routes, and, if winter activities involved, we would like to test participant's ability for avalanche safety and avalanche resque skills)

- Check for proper equipment

(we advise our clients about the specific equipment should have on our tours, and, if necessary, we can send them personalised equipment lists)

- Stick with the safety protocol

(Guided Tours Romania has individual protocols for every specific outdoor activity, in order to cover the unexpected issues and to react efficiently on dangerous situations)

- First aid

(Our guides ALWAYS carry a first aid kit, and we encourage our clients to do the same. We also ask our clients to inform us about their health history, to inform us if they need special attention or specific medication)


(If you have any question for us regarding the safety of our adventure trips, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to provide any necessary info required)

Join Guided Tours Romania team for your next outdoor adventure!

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