Climbing and mountaineering

Welcome to Guided Tours Romania's Climbing and Bouldering page!

If your plan is to climb, then let's do it! From climbing workshops for beginners to hardcore climbing routes we're all set. By choosing our adventure company you'll have immediate access to different climbing areas on various environment, or, if the weather turns, there's an indoor option as well.

Charpathians have an unique feature that offers different types of climbing and bouldering. You can choose between different types of rock, from limestone to conglomerate, sport climbing or multi-pitch classic routes. There are many options for bouldering as well, from close-to-home spots, as half-day activity, to remote locations on bouldering camps.

Our climbing and bouldering guides are one of the best in this field, so you will be able to enjoy climbing on safe environment with expert partners or instructors. We can manage individuals and groups as well on our climbing trips and workshops, where you can learn, practice or improve your skill, from basic climbing knots to top rope or lead climbing.

Give us a shout if you're up for adventure! Guided Tours Romania is always ready for a new and exciting climbing or bouldering trip!

IMPORTANT: Every guide from Guided Tours Romania is licensed as mountain guide and is part of the Romanian Mountain Guides Association. 

Rock Climbing Workshop

Rock Climbing Workshop

When it comes to rock climbing, you can easily imagine majestic rock towers, north faces and stories about the early age of conquering the mountains. But everything have to start from somewhere, so why don't you try joining Guided Tours Romania for a rock climbing workshop? You'll learn the basics about climbing gear, knots, rock climbing safety and, of course, about how to start a beautiful rock climbing experience. Save precious time and give us a shout!


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