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White Water River Rafting in Romania

Welcome to Guided Tours Romania's White Water River Rafting page!

If you're checking out those lines, for sure you're an adrenaline seeker, and whitewater river rafting is the right spot to find it. We operate mostly on Buzau river, a location about 80 kilometers from Brasov, on whitewater class 3 rafting tour. We choose this river for many reasons, but the most important is that the water comes from the powerplant, and pretty much is the only river for raftig in Romania that you can operate river rafting trips from early March to November.

You'll be provided with full rafting equipment (full neoprene suit, neoprene booties, certified river rafting lifejacket and helmet), and you will ride along experienced guides, certified by the Internatioal Rafting Federation, on durable and safe Hypalon boats made by Spreu Boote, a well known german river rafting boats and gear building company.

Additionaly you should know that we can provide full logistics to and from the river rafting spot, and that we provide 4WD assistance by the river side, to make sure everyone stay safe. What you'll get joining our river rafting trips? A lifetime experience! Laughters, adrenaline, friendly guides and rapids strong enough that you'll feel more alive than ever!

Leave us a note if you're up for good times on a river rafting experience!

IMPORTANT: Every guide from Guided Tours Romania is licensed as mountain guide and is part of the Romanian Mountain Guides Association. If you join our outdoor activities for whitewater rafting, we are happy to anounce you that your guides are licensed by the International Rafting Federation.

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