Ice climbing

Welcome to Guided Tours Romania's Ice Climbing page!

If you're reading this, you're probably imagining your next close-to-freezing adventure! And, by the way, who doesn't like (or at least dream about) to gear-up with lots of specific hi-tech tools and equipment to conquer the best vertical frozen water in the Carpathians?

So, if your crazy about doing something that's out of ordinary, join our team and make your dream come true! Using your own equipment or provided by Guided Tours Romania, you will discover amazing places into the wilderness of Romania's mountains, but not resuming to that. Expert or total beginner, there's the right spot for you, and our proffesional mountain guides will be more than happy to share the location with you.

Grab your ice-axes, technical crampons, biners and icescrews and get ready for the frozen challenge. No one said it would be easy (like the song said), but definetly would be fun. This is for conesseurs, that love the other kind of ice - not the one from your hot summer drink ;)

Drop us a few words if you're up to it.

IMPORTANT: Every guide from Guided Tours Romania is licensed as mountain guide and is part of the Romanian Mountain Guides Association. 

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