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Mountaibikig is probably the fastest way to cover by fair and clean&green means a wide area of terrain in a short amount of time. That will let you discover more of the beautiful scenary of Romanian landscapes. We're based in Brasov, in the heart of Transylvania in Romania, by the mountain side.

In about half hour you can reach up to five different epic mountainbiking spots, and that means there are plenty of trail to enjoy and discover during your time with us. By choosing Guided Tours Romania as your guiding agency you make a smart decision: no need to spend your time in researcs for the best MTB locations, and you have plenty of mobility due to our logistics.

Bring your own mountainbike if you'd like to, but you are more than welcome to ride one provided by our outdoor agency. We try hard to please our guest, taking them to the coolest and wildest mountainbike rides around. Transylvania is one of the best spots in Romania when it comes about riding the trails, and you can pick one or more from different tours, terrain or dificulty level. You can even bike to Bran Castle, a nearby location, the inspiring place for many vampire tails. How cool is that?

Fine tune your bike and come alog, joining Guided Tours Romania in one of the most incredible adventures of your life!

IMPORTANT: Every guide from Guided Tours Romania is licensed as mountain guide and is part of the Romanian Mountain Guides Association.

Biking in the land of the gods - Transylvania

Biking in the land of the gods - Transylvania

It is the same way as it sound: a truly majestic experience into the mystic lands of Transylvania. Following the ancient paths across the mountains, our MTB tours reveal the beauty of romanian countryside. It is the perfect way to see and interact with local countryside life and to observe fauna and flora. Guided by our proffesionals, you make sure you don't miss any of this, and you will enjoy this wonderful experience within a safe environment. Want to know more about our MTB tours? Please leava us a note!


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