Trail Running

Welcome to Guiding Tours Romania Trail Running page!

For sure, you're in to running business, and we would like to show you the best mountain trails in Romania! As we are located in Brasov, in the heart of Transylvania's Carpathians, we're just minutes away from the mountains paths where you can do your thing along one of the most beautiful scenaries around. One of our passion is the joy to ride, running on the mountains and enjoying the nature and and the freedom, and, sometimes, the wildlife that Romania is known to have.

If you would like to compete in one of the national mountain/trail/skyrace or endurance running events please let us know and we can register you to the indicated event and provide all the logistic support needed to complete your dream. The competition calendar is pretty busy, so you can compete almost all year round, many times you'll find different events on the same week-end.

Lace up your shoes and come along! The mountains are calling!

IMPORTANT: your trail running guides are either licensed as mountain guide by the Romanian Mountain Guides Association or experienced trail running athletes.

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